Our Brands

Most of our brands are established businesses and contain links below to the relevant company websites. Other brands are in the process of being launched, and so for now you can read more about these businesses on this website while the relevant websites are being finalised.


Chirp-Protect is a range of innovative security systems developed for the Retail industry.

Our plug and play systems can be set up in minutes and can work alongside traditional EAS systems or act as a standalone solution.

Total Disc Repair

Total Disc Repair is Europe’s largest and longest-running supplier of disc repair equipment.

Our machines remove scratches from all formats of optical media (CDs, DVD, Games Discs) making each one look new again.

Dead Scent

Dead Scent uses professional grade chlorine dioxide technology to kill all kinds of odours at source.

Our products are suitable for removing all manner of smells from a range of applications including boats, cars and motor homes


essenzapura is a high-end range of essential oil diffusers designed for both home and work.

They use a special Cold Scent Atomisation Technology to deliver consistent, long-lasting scents to small, medium and large spaces.


Flexars is a range of high quality leggings designed for women of all shapes and sizes.

Whether it’s for riding tights, gym leggings or casual leggings, Flexars are the height of comfort and available in a range of colours.


PureAC disinfects indoor, wall-mounted Air Conditioning units using professional grade ozone.

The professional-grade ozone process kills mould, bacteria, allergens and odours in each AC unit in as little as 30 minutes

BeSafe Point

Borne from the Covid 19 pandemic, BeSafe Point is a range of auto-dispensing hand sanitisation units.

Designed for retail, offices and other commercial settings, the dispensers deliver a set amount of lemon-scented liquid that kills germs on impact.


Small, counter-top devices for wrapping small – medium sized boxes in high quality plastic.

Originally designed for packaging pre-owned CD and DVD cases, you can now repack any small to medium sized box containing phones, perfume etc.

Your Products???

We offer services to a wide range of products and services spanning multiple types of industry.

Whether it’s sales, marketing, warehousing or pick and pack services that you’re interested in, please get in touch to discuss what we can offer.