Associated Businesses

Some companies are old, some are current.


essenzapura is a high-end Diffuser for oils that uses a special Cold Scent Atomiser Technology to ensure a consistent, long-lasting delivery of fragrance to any small, medium or large room.

Chirp Protect

Launched in summer 2019, Chirp is an innovative plug-and-play Retail Security product. Its unique selling point is that it can be set up and used anywhere in minutes – perfect for a pop-up show, conference or outdoor setting.

Total Disc Repair

Formed in 2001, Total Disc Repair is Europe’s largest and most successful disc repair company. It sells a range of machines enabling customers to remove scratches from CDs, DVDs and Games Discs, making them play again and increasing their resale value.

Plenty (Japan)

Plenty is a Japanese distributor of technological products spanning industries from jewellery to vertical farming. In 2017 Plenty acquired TDR Solutions to act as its European distribution wing.

BeSafe Point

BeSafe Point is a brand new fully-automated hand sanitiser dispenser for retail stores, business foyers, gyms – any place with people! There are different sizes available, a choice of black and white and they are fully customisable with logos and other graphics.


The Repack-it 2 and Repack-it XL are two compact machines for sealing disc cases and any small-medium sized boxes. The plastic used to seal them is high quality, safe and adds value to the sealed product.