Associated Businesses

Some companies are old, some are current.

Chirp Protect

Launched in summer 2019, Chirp is an innovative Retail Security product. Its unique selling point is that it can be set up and used anywhere in minutes – perfect for a pop-up show, conference or outdoor setting.

Total Disc Repair

Formed in 2001, Total Disc Repair is Europe’s largest and most successful disc repair company. It sells a range of machines enabling customers to remove scratches from CDs, DVDs and Games Discs, making them play again and increasing their resale value.

Plenty (Japan)

Plenty is a Japanese distributor of technological products spanning industries from jewellery to vertical farming. In 2017 Plenty acquired TDR Solutions to act as its European distribution wing.

BeSafe Point

BeSafe Point is a brand new fully-automated hand sanitiser dispenser for retail stores, business foyers, gyms – any place with people! There are different sizes available, a choice of black and white and they are fully customisable with logos and other graphics.


The Repack-it 2 and Repack-it XL are two compact machines for sealing disc cases and any small-medium sized boxes. The plastic used to seal them is high quality, safe and adds value to the sealed product.